Happy New Year! It’s a new year – are you ready for your resolution to lead a healthier life, lose weight, or simply become fit?  

Keeping a few simple tips in mind can make the process easier and more likely to succeed. If you have ever looked into making healthy changes in your life you may have heard these before, but the human physiology has not changed within the past few years.
1.         Comprehensive Health
“Weight loss” is something of a misnomer. You may be able to only tweak your diet and lose weight, but your diet needs to be accompanied by a full and comprehensive health plan. This issue often crops up in those who simply cut calories without implementing exercise routines or including proper nutrients in their diet.
The solution is simple: include both exercise and diet in your health resolution, and remember to balance your diet rather than opt for minimal calories.
2.         Reasonable Goals – Short, Medium, and Long-Term
Most people that have trouble with weight loss goals suffer from a lack of clear and obtainable goal points. Even for those with goals, some will aim too low and not see the results they want, and others will aim too high and burn themselves out within a short amount of time. Typically you will want to break goals up into short, medium, and long-term time spans.
For example, a goal of maintaining a workout routine of at least three days a week along with a healthy diet serves as a short term goal, specific weight loss amounts such as ten pounds a month work for medium term, and “Looking good for the Summer” might be a long term goal.
3.         Work Around Your Tastes
If running sends you into fits that kill your drive to exercise or if a day or two of an all-vegetable diet make you crave a fast food burger, then engaging in either activity would be silly. There are almost always healthy alternatives that fit somewhere along your tastes and preferences, and opting for one of these options can often be beneficial.
Even if they are not as rich in nutrients or effective of an exercise as the more intense options, the fact remains that doing something is always better than nothing.
4.         Support Networks
Changes in habits can be better accomplished when you have a network of people supporting you in reaching your goals. The forms these people may take are numerous: some may go with you to the gym or on runs to encourage you to exercise, others may share recipes and help you to make healthier meals, and they may even simply give words of encouragement and take note of your successes.
In a world of plenty that consumes most of our time, it can be difficult and stressful to focus on a health plan without a guideline to work from to build your plan. These tips are fairly self-explanatory and common sense, but we can all use a reminder of the basics of caring for ourselves.