November is National Inspirational Role Models Month, which celebrates the positive impact you can have on others through your personal choices. One of the best examples you can set for those within your sphere of influence is to embrace a healthy lifestyle. What you do─far more than what you say─impacts those around you. What defines a great health role model?

Rejoice in fitness

Model for kids and other loved ones of all ages that regular exercise is cool, smart and fun. Because it is! And it’s also indispensable to a life anchored in wellness. Take care not to complain about “having to work out,” rather create some enthusiasm around it and it’ll be contagious. You already know you’ll all feel great afterwards. Keep it positive!

Exemplify healthy eating

If you eat fast food, but tell kids to munch on cauliflower, you may not get the results you seek. Kids want to do what you do, so put smart choices into action yourself and everyone wins. When you eat an apple, savor your morning shake, grab a protein bar rather than a donut, or happily dig into a veggie-packed salad, kids are vastly more likely to follow your lead. Enjoy these things together.

Commit to your vitamins

When you faithfully take your daily multi-vitamin/mineral formula, fish oil, antioxidants and other nutritional supplements, loved ones are watching. It’s a strong move to demonstrate that you place a daily emphasis on something so important. When friends and family inquire, explain why you lay that nutritional foundation for yourself each day. Feeling great now and avoiding disease later? Rather substantial reasons─and a powerful message to send.

Drink up daily

Did you hydrate well today? Water is a vital health essential, transporting nutrients in and cellular waste out, regulating body temperature, protecting your organs, and energizing you physically and mentally. Aim for an ounce of water for every two pounds of body weight. For example, a 200 lb. person would ideally consume 100 ounces─12.5 cups per day─while someone weighing in at 100 lbs. should drink at least 6.5 cups daily.

Manage stress effectively

Stress is inevitable, but when it feels overwhelming, it can become toxic to your body, mind and spirit. We often create stress for ourselves, with habits like procrastination. Other forms of stress include excessive demands or expectations from others. In these cases, asserting yourself in a healthy way helps you set manageable boundaries. Whatever the problem, stress relieving tactics like exercise, yoga/meditation, massage, and loving support can help.

Putting these tips into action could have a transforming effect on both you and those you love. By living in “health integrity,” you’re doing yourself the greatest favor of all─setting the stage for a long, happy, illness-free life.