The sneezing, watery eyes, and cough, among other symptoms, can put a real damper on your enjoyment of life. As the seasons begin to change, many people begin to suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms that can sometimes be difficult to manage and treat.

While there are many medications and remedies on the market, more and more people are looking towards natural ways to combat the ill effects of allergies and stay on top of their health. These natural methods have been proven to work just as well as many of the medication treatments, without so many side effects.
Five Natural Remedies You Can Use Now
1.         Whey protein
Whey protein has been studied, with promising results, in treating seasonal allergies. It works by strengthening the immune system and the body’s ability to fight off attacks of bacteria, allergens, and other components that make us ill. Whey protein can be found in ice cream and bread and can also be taken in supplement form. We recommend our ProEnergy Whey Protein Shake for a healthy jolt to your immune system.
2.         Bromelain
Bromelain naturally occurs in the pineapple plant. It is an enzyme that has been shown to reduce the inflammation and swelling that occur in the nose as a result of seasonal allergies. It helps to restore free breathing and relieves the discomfort of allergy symptoms. Besides including pineapple in your daily diet, you can use Bromelain supplements that normally are available in 500 mg tablets.
3.         Butterbur
Butterbur is a natural supplement that comes from a perennial shrub. It has been found to be almost as effective as both Allegra and Zyrtec in treating seasonal allergy symptoms. It helps keep symptoms at bay and works best when it is taken before symptoms occur. Butterbur must be taken in supplement form and can be found in 50mg tablets.
4.         Raw honey
Raw honey is receiving rave reviews for its role in reducing seasonal allergies. To gain the most benefit, you need to purchase local honey that is made as close to your home as possible. This is because it will be full of the pollen and allergens that you are exposed to every day. By taking two tablespoons a day, you can begin to build up your tolerance to these allergens and reduce the symptoms that they cause.
5.         Probiotics
Many allergy sufferers end up requiring antibiotics when their allergies kick in and cause sinusitis. It has been found that the use of probiotics can help to reduce the need for antibiotic treatments by keeping the bad bacteria at bay while empowering the good bacteria to fight against infection. Probiotics can be found in live yogurt and in capsule form.  Try our Greenergy, green drink, which is packed with probiotics or our Probiotic Complex capsules.
These natural remedies can go a long way towards helping your body to cope with the seasonal allergy symptoms. By using natural products, you can reduce your dependence on medications that can cause negative side effects. Your allergy symptoms will be reduced and your body will thank you.