Seriously, who knew that your gut is one of the most active areas of your body?  

Your gut undergoes a lot of strain on a daily basis.
It is the place where food is digested, absorbed, and excreted. In addition to this, it acts as a front-line defense against bacteria and other infectious agents.

Here are five reasons to treat your gut better, and how you can help it do its job:

1.      It is a Part of Your Immune System


Each time you are exposed to a potentially harmful agent (pathogen), your gut acts as a front-line defense system.  It will protect you from viruses and bacteria that are airborne, as well as anything that makes its way into your body via what you eat.
Ø To help your gut battle against bacteria, you should increase the number of probiotics that are in your diet. Next time you are out grocery shopping, head to the yogurt aisle and choose something with healthy bacteria in it.  Also, check out EnergyFirst’s Greenergy, packed with all sorts of beneficial nutrition including probiotics.

2.      It is Linked with Your Nervous System


All parts of your body are linked to your brain, but your gut has a particularly strong link. The enteric nervous system is the part of your body’s communication system that informs your brain about what is happening in your gut and vice versa. When your gut is not happy, your brain will begin to send different signals to the rest of your body about what it requires nutritionally. This can cause cravings for the wrong food groups, as well as an imbalanced appetite.
Ø To keep your enteric nervous system in check, you should consider using the EnergyFirst Greenergy green drink each day. It will improve your digestive function and balance your metabolism at the same time.
3.      It Can Affect Your Mood

As one of the areas of your body that produces excessive amounts of neurotransmitters when not treated properly, your gut can affect your mood.  Whether you are consciously experiencing pain or not, if your gut has not been treated gently it can cause you to experience mood swings. This is particularly the case when it is functioning sluggishly.
Ø To combat this, drink a glass of water around half an hour before each meal. This will help your gut digest faster.
4.      It Can Affect Your Chakra
For thousands of years, those who live in the Middle East have been able to ensure their bodies remain balanced by addressing their Chakra. In simple terms, your Chakra is the areas of your body that can cause imbalances or improvements in other areas. If your gut is not feeling great, many believe it can cause your self-esteem and motivation to plummet.

Ø You can avoid this by engaging in exercise on a regular basis. Exercise helps your gut have an easier time performing its digestive functions.


5.      It Can Halt Your Metabolism


In the absence of correctly absorbed nutrients, your metabolism can slow or grind to a halt. Your gut is the area where nutritious absorption occurs, therefore, it makes sense to help it along.

Ø Protein shakes like the EnergyFirst Whey Protein Isolate Powder will encourage your gut to selectively absorb nutrients at a faster rate.


Also, did you know . . .
Stress has been found to slow down your digestion system.  It can take up to 20 minutes for your gut to tell you brain it is full.  It is simple. By treating your gut a little better, your body will benefit overall.
Follow the above tips, and you will be on your way to health success in no time!