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If you are involved in any type of competitive athletics or regular exercise, as a teens your nutrient and fluid needs are higher than the average person. Whether you are swimming, lifting weights, or sprinting, you will be burning more energy and needing more nutrients to recover from high-intensity physical activity. The locker room chat may bring up a laundry list of nutrition and workout tips that you’ll have to sift through sooner or later until you find something true, something effective, and something that works.

Importance of Protein in the Diet of a Teenager

If you want to look smart for the opposite gender or for individual fulfillment, or you’d like to get big and muscular for sport participation, the correct dietary supplement plan can help. A healthy source of lean protein that keeps blood sugar levels stable can benefit many teenagers who want to exercise to improve strength or endurance for sports, hobbies, or general well-being. Often, the different dilemmas faced by teenagers— extra pounds, low energy, mood swings, and acne—are linked to poor quality diets high in sugars and processed ingredients.

ProEnergy Whey Protein Powder stands out in all cupboards, racks, and shelves on the market for its pure, natural, and potent protein formula. Our protein powder has 100% natural ingredients that mix into a great tasting drink giving you the protein you need to repair and strengthen muscle tissue. Our product is extremely rich in protein at 90% or more by weight. It will be best protein powder for teenagers athletes.

We use 100% natural whey protein isolate with the highest amino acid profile available and the very highest bioavailability. This means our raw ingredients are in a highly absorb-able form that makes it easy for your body to quickly and completely absorb this rich source of the 9 essential amino acids.

Made with Organic Milk (no rbGH)

ProEnergy gets its protein from grass pasture fed cows that are not treated and tainted with antibiotics or hormones that are banned in many countries, such as recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). rBGH is a synthetic or man-made hormone that dairy farmers use to force higher milk production in cows. There is overwhelming evidence that rBGH is dangerous to the health of cows who receive it. Numerous human health concerns are linked to rBGH-treated cows and the milk they produce, such as high blood levels of the IGF-1 hormone that can influence tumor growth and the development of breast, prostate, colorectal, or other cancers. The milk for EnergyFirst protein powders comes from organic milk farms that never use hormones or antibiotics. It a main reason to be the best whey protein powder for teenagers.

Teenage Nutrition must be 100% Natural

Many protein powders on the market are packed with fillers that can lead to weight gain, such as cheap sugars, artificial sweeteners, or sugar alcohols that can cause bloating and diarrhea. Many of these synthetic sugars have not even been studied extensively for their long-term effects despite the fact that they are linked to various cancers and can interfere with your taste perception and brain’s appetite regulation. ProEnergy is sweetened naturally with Stevia leaf extract, which has a low-glycemic index that will not spike blood sugar levels. We’ve crafted three great tasting flavors as teenage nutrition—strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. All EnergyFirst proteins are 100% natural and have less than a gram of sugar per serving.

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Manufacturing conditions are just as important as the quality of ingredients used in a protein powder. Our protein powder is pharmaceutical-grade and GMP certified, meaning that it is made from pure, active ingredients that are safely manufactured in FDA approved facilities of the highest quality. EnergyFirst uses the most scientifically advanced technique – cross-flow cold microfiltration processing—to ensure the highest quality and highest potency protein powder possible. This method completely prevents our proteins from being denatured, or modified by acid, heat, or chemical exposure. Our whey protein isolate formula is carefully filtered to remove fat and lactose and retain its concentrated and pure amino acid content. EnergyFirst protein are lactose free, vegetarian, gluten free, and non-GMO. Most people can feel the difference with EnergyFirst proteins after 2-3 shakes.

Workout Supplements

With tight schedules and multiple responsibilities to balance, most athletes and competitors are looking for a trouble-free formula to include in their workout routine. Preparing a protein shake is easy! You can either mix it up in water, add nonfat milk, or use a ProEnergy Protein Shake recipe to make a great snack, post-workout recovery drink, or balanced meal.

Whether your training is seasonal or on-going, ProEnergy can help you get lean and build a defined physique. Do you need to stay energized for the big game? ProEnergy is guaranteed to keep you focused and feeling pure energy all day long, After all it is the best protein supplement for teenagers.