What were the findings of your last blood test? Not sure? Is your physician the only one who has a record of your medical history? If so, you may benefit from keeping an organized health journal or health diary for a clearer picture of your health status.

An informed person is an empowered person. The more knowledgeable you are the better. You can even take your journal with you to doctor visits to review any patterns, concerns, or information you have to share. Make sure to include any records and notes from your doctor visits.

Date all your information to track any progress (or lack thereof). Record your allergies, family history of diseases, any surgeries or operations, screenings, physicals, and medication or supplements with dosage and timing.

What does your current physical activity routine look like? How are your sleeping habits? Write it down and date it. Make any changes as your routine evolves. Do you ever track your food intake over the course of a day and up to a week? Put it in your health journal.

Your Journal, Your Way

What purpose will your journal serve you? The answer to that question may influence how detailed or how straightforward you want your journal to be. It may only focus on your sleeping habits, only on your energy levels, or only on the foods you eat. Depending on your journal’s purpose, keep it in a handy place for easy access. Is it mainly about food? Keep it in your kitchen. Is it mainly about your energy level? Keep it around your work area or in your car or a bag.

The idea of writing something down every day may seem daunting and quite unrealistic for your schedule. You only have to write as often as your situation permits. You may only feel inclined to write when you start taking a new supplement, feel a new symptom, or try out a new routine.


A health journal is meant to help you not to impress someone else. Make sure to be as accurate and truthful as possible in your records.

Take a Glance

There’s always room for improvement in our routines. On a weekly or monthly basis, take a moment to go back and examine your recent records. Do you see any patterns worth keeping or changing? Are there any clues to a constant source of stress? You may find clues into what is working and what doesn’t seem to work.

Do you ever gain a few pounds and have no clue why? This may be your moment to get to the bottom of the problem. Do certain foods aggravate your body? This is your chance to use your reference and pinpoint them.

If you’re dealing with energy crashes, is there something missing in your recorded routine? Have you been skipping meals because of running out of time? An EnergyFirst protein shake is an easy way to fuel your day with a meal that stabilizes your blood sugar.

If you haven’t kept a journal before, consider trying it for several weeks. You may be surprised what you find. It may increase your motivation and help you stay on track.