How Fit are You?

What is your first inclination when you want to gauge your current health status? Most people would hop onto a scale to measure their weight and then grab a calculator to determine their BMI (Body Mass Index). Is there something else you should be looking at, however?

According to the American Journal of Medicine, a growing body of evidence points to yes! Our priorities should include maximizing and maintaining our muscle mass. This recent study determined the muscle mass index of study participants. Muscle mass index refers to the amount of muscle relative to height.

The study revealed a remarkable secret that may change the way you (and most health professionals) view health. People with greater muscle mass had a significantly lower death risk. In other words, your BMI alone will not suffice—it only scratches the surface.

Achieve Optimal Body Composition Health Goals

Our EnergyFirst program puts great emphasis on achieving the right body composition. Your weight alone will not give insight on your lean mass versus your fat weight or your risk for chronic disease. Your body composition does.

Yes, your (under appreciated) muscle mass play a role in the recovery and prevention of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and obesity, cancer, and heart disease. Your muscle mass plays a critical role in your body’s overall metabolism and even your mood. The strength and density of your bones also depend greatly on your muscle mass and function, thus playing a role in osteoporosis prevention.

Build Muscle Mass Effectively

To build muscle mass, you have to put those muscles to work. A big mistake many people make, however, is to waste that workout by not providing adequate recovery nutrition to a worked out muscle.

In order to build lean muscle mass, our bodies need to absorb the protein we eat. As we age, however, our bodies become less efficient at absorbing protein. Whey Protein Isolate by EnergyFirst is the most easily absorbed protein available. It also has the highest amino acid profile of any protein. While building that muscle mass, ProEnergy Whey Protein Powder can provide a rich source of protein held build that muscle mass. Try to measure health with our FREE Health Fitness Guide! It’s packed with tons of info, news, and tips and tricks to help you to achieve the body you want!

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