Are you like most people who believe that any form of weight loss is good for you?  Well, think again!

One of the tell-tale signs that your weight loss regime is not beneficial in terms of your overall vitality is the way your skin reacts.
  •  Signs like sallow skin, dry skin, or acne all indicate that your weight loss regime is not treating your body the way it should.
  • Adjusting your diet so that it will leave your skin looking healthy, glowing, and gorgeous is simple.

One of the things all of our bodies’ desperately need in abundant amounts is antioxidants.

With very little effort, you can find some of the most vital antioxidants in your everyday foods.
Vitamin C.  You can find Vitamin C packed into easy to find healthy foods such as oranges, strawberries, and even broccoli.
Adding more Vitamin C to your diet will ensure you produce enough collagen to help your skin repair itself, and it will also prevent the appearance of capillaries on your skin’s surface. In terms of weight loss, Vitamin C will help your body produce the amino acids needed to burn fatty acids.
In addition to increasing your antioxidant intake, add more bioflavonoids to your diet.  
Bioflavonoids.  Bioflavonoids come with a range of both short and long-term benefits. For example, they will remove free radicals that can cause acne outbreaks and dry skin. In terms of long-term benefits, removing free radicals can reduce your risk of developing cancer.
One way to add more bioflavonoids to your diet is by taking a supplement like the EnergyFirst Vitamin C High Potency Formula. Another benefit – this supplement will give your digestive system the boost it needs to process food faster and absorb the nutrients you need for a healthier lifestyle.
Of course there is no better way to boost your weight loss and address the appearance of your skin than to address your food intake directly.
One dietary component that is often undervalued when it comes to successful weight loss and beautiful skin is protein.
Biologically, protein is the building block for all of your body’s cells and life processes. It therefore it should be no surprise that you need plenty of it in your diet to ensure your skin glows and that you achieve your weight loss goals.  When it comes to choosing your protein, not all proteins are the same.  Focus on lean protein sources like salmon.  Salmon is also packed with omega 3 fatty acids  (another added benefit).
For an additional protein kick that will help you meet your body’s needs perfectly, try the EnergyFirst Protein Shake with the ProEnergy Protein Powder.  Whey Protein Isolate is one of the best sources of lean protein!  
Remember . . .
You can help support healthy weight loss and healthy skin by adding antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and lean protein to your diet!