It pays to be optimistic!  Recent research shows that optimism can impact the way our bodies react to stimuli. The Journal of Behavioral Medicine reports that there is a negative correlation between optimism and the perception of pain – optimists were shown to experience pain less severely.
Another study shows how optimism lowers the risk of certain disease symptoms in middle-aged women. This study found that optimism has a positive effect on how the women processed both physical and social stressors, as demonstrated by increases in heart rate and blood pressure. It appears approaching at least some of life’s fundamental irritations and unpleasant events with a good attitude does seem to result in less negative physical reactions for those who strive to be optimistic.
Here are some health benefits the Mayo Clinic postulates could be the result of optimism, or positive thinking:
* An increased life span
* Lower rates of depression
* Lower levels of distress (pain and discomfort)
* Greater resistance to the common cold (improved immune system)
* Better psychological and physical well-being
* Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
* Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress
It may be that people with an optimistic and positive outlook may naturally gravitate toward a healthier lifestyle. We certainly take an optimistic viewpoint as we partner with you on your journey to a fit and healthy body. Our approach reduces the stress on your body by stabilizing blood sugar levels through the day. Limiting refined carbohydrates and consuming more protein and water are keys to achieving this.
Stay optimistic!  Your body will thank you, as will all those people who see you on a daily basis.  Get healthy, choose to make it a great day, and get EnergyFirst!
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