We know that getting a good night’s sleep keeps us from being cranky and dragging through the day, but did you realize that there are some health conditions that can come from lack of sleep and that a bad night of sleeping can affect some pre-existing conditions? Sleep is always needed, and here is why:

Sleep Prevents Colds
The cold and flu virus can find an easier target in you when you aren’t getting enough sleep. This is due to lowering the immune system, which happens when the body isn’t getting enough sleep. This lowered immune system can make colds and flus be easier to catch, since you are at a disadvantage. Even getting the flu vaccine at this point isn’t helpful, as a lack of sleep can make the body respond more slowly to the vaccine than if it were getting enough rest.
Sleep Aids Insulin Resistance
There has been a study out that shows that people between the ages of late 20’s to beginning 30’s have the insulin resistance of a 60 year old when they are sleeping under 6.5 hours a night. Insulin resistance makes you more prone to getting diabetes-related side effects such as impaired glucose tolerance. By getting enough sleep each night, you’re letting your body have better insulin control, something that both healthy people and diabetics need.
Sleep Helps You To Stay Leaner
Here’s a sobering thought, by getting five hours of rest a night you have a 73 percent higher chance of being obese than if you slept seven to nine hours a night. This has been found in studies of both kids and adults. While the cause of this fact hasn’t been determined, researchers believe it is because of hormonal imbalances that can occur with a lack of sleep. So if you are concerned about weight gain, or if you have noticed a few extra pounds that correspond to your insomnia, you may want to consider finding items to help you get to sleep and stay asleep longer.
Sleep Helps Prevent Pain
Those that have chronic pain illnesses will attest that their pain levels are higher when they aren’t getting enough sleep. Which typically causes them to have less sleep. It is a vicious cycle, one that usually has to be stopped with sleeping aids. After a few nights of more sleep, there will be a noticeable difference in pain levels, depending on the condition of the person. However, optimal sleep can have a beneficial affect on everyone with chronic pain.
Sleeping is a vital part of the body’s natural way to reset and replenish some of the things that was taken out during the day.  Exercise, stable blood sugar, and relaxation techniques can help you to make sure you get enough sleep at night.  EnergyFirst’s SleepAid can also help. Take care of yourself and your body by always making sure you get a full night’s slumber.