Even though most kids seem active and vibrant all the time, their health can deteriorate for a number of reasons. Just as with adults, a child’s overall health depends on their environment and choices that they make.

These are 5 simple ways that you can increase a child’s overall health.
1. Make Sure They Are Getting Enough Fluids
As parents we all worry about how much our kids are eating and if they are eating the right foods. We rarely think about how much they are drinking. Just as with adults, it is important that kids are getting an adequate amount of fluids daily. Make sure your kids are drinking around 6-8 glasses a day of water. To help you and them remember consider making a chart where they record each glass of water they consume until it becomes a routine.
2. Engage Them At Every Opportunity
Most parents realize that it is important to engage their child. However, they don’t always realize that they are missing many opportunities to do so. Take for instance in the car. As you are driving down the road instead of just listening to the radio, turn it into an opportunity to connect with and engage your child. Have them read words they see or have them try to find a certain number of cars in a specific color. Also, while in the store have them practice their math skills by figuring out tax or discounts instead of having them stand there or sit in the cart. By connecting with and engaging our children, it can have a positive impact on their overall brain health.
3. Take Relationships To Heart
Relationships are important to all of us. For kids, it’s how they feel safe and in control in a confusing world. Poor relationships can lead to low self-esteem and depression. Kids should have positive relationship with their parents and family members. As adults it is important to remember that we may have to work hard at having a relationship with children. This may mean just sitting still and listening when a child needs to talk and working together to find a solution to a problem that the child is having.
4. Don’t Forget The Multi-Vitamin
Kids don’t always get all of the vitamins and minerals they need because of picky eating habits or poor food choices. Many kids suffer from a vitamin or mineral deficiency. These deficiencies can cause them to not feel well and lead to generally poor health. It is important that kids take a multi-vitamin, such as EnergyFirst’s Chewable Kid’s Multi, every day. If you suspect that your child is suffering from a vitamin or mineral deficiency you should discuss this with their pediatrician. They may do blood work to figure out exactly what is going on and how to remedy the situation.
5. Encourage Creative Outlets
These days kids can become just as stressed as adults. This can affect their overall health and lead to them doing poorly in school and suffering from illnesses. It is important that kids have a positive way to express themselves through a creative outlet. This can take many forms such as a dance class or just doing artwork at home. It doesn’t matter what kind of creative outlet it is as long as it’s something that the child enjoys and will want to participate in.