In recent years, a growing body of evidence supports the theory that many of us experience the winter blues. Whether it comes in the form of post-cold mood dips, or full-blown Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), it is not unusual to feel less happy than you would during the summer.

It is no longer the case that you have to take the winter blues lying down. Taking just a few small steps will help you say goodbye to those dips, and hello to more happy winter peaks.
Here are some great tips for achieving summertime happiness, even during those colder months:
Get Your Vitamin D
Scientists believe that one of the main reasons people experience periods of sadness during the winter is that they are not getting as much sunshine as they usually would. As vitamin D goes a long way towards preventing and alleviating conditions like depression, it makes sense that many of us feel a little sadder during the winter. Although it may be challenging to get vitamin D during the winter, it is not impossible.
  • Spend at least fifteen minutes a day outside.
  • Try purchase a light box that simulates sunlight.
  • Supplement with EnergyFirst’s Vitamin D.
Treat Your Brain Well
As you will already know, a lot of your happiness depends on your brain. All of your thoughts and primary body functions are controlled by your white and grey matter, which means you need to treat it right.
The times your feel least motivated to get moving are the times it’s most important to get some exercise and blood flowing in your body.  There are tremendous benefits to just 30 minutes of day of aerobic exercise.  If you just can’t seem to get going, commit to only 5-10 minutes of walking – once you get going you’ll probably keep going and feel great afterwards!
Stay Connected
Finally, don’t forget to reach out and stay connected to your loved ones.