Going green is very popular these days, as more people express their concern for the environment with conscientious lifestyle choices. There’s another way to go green as well, which impacts your personal health in many positive ways. It’s as simple as the increasingly famous green smoothie or shake! Here are 5 reasons to embrace this nutritional powerhouse on a daily basis:

They’re filling and low-calorie

Delicious, refreshing green shakes─which ideally consist of whey protein powder, green superfoods, fresh fruit, dairy, soy or almond milk, and omega-3 rich oils─are incredibly satiating for the modest calories they offer. This is largely due to the tremendously nourishing whey protein, as well as the high nutrient content and essential fats. Talk about your “breakfast of champions!”

They’re cost effective super nutrition

The most expensive champagne brunch would likely deliver a mere fraction of the vitamins, minerals, superfoods, fiber, and phytochemicals that this tremendously nutritious shake offers you─for little over $5 each! Once you’re set up with your whey protein and high-quality green superfoods powder, the remaining ingredients are usually in your fridge or freezer anyway. Incredibly healthy and inexpensive? Now that’s smart nutrition!

They make consuming veggies easy

Now that the USDA “MyPlate” icon has replaced that old pyramid, the big question is whether Americans will, in fact, fill out half their plates with fruits and veggies at every meal. While there’s bound to be a learning curve for many, you can outsmart that with a genius green morning shake. In one fell swoop, you’ll obtain the equivalent of 5 veggie servings from your green superfood powder alone, plus the fresh fruit you blend into your shake. Talk about being ahead of the game!

They allow you to sneak in crucial fiber

You may know that Americans typically fall short on important dietary fiber. We should consume 20-40 grams per day—with 25 grams being realistic for most people—which you’d obtain from 5 servings of fresh produce, plus a couple of servings of whole grains or beans. Sadly, however, the average person gets a mere 14 grams or less, which can lead to indigestion, constipation, diverticulitis, and worse. Fortunately, green shakes allow you to easily meet your daily requirements when you add fiber-dense fresh fruit.

They energize you immediately

While healthy eating is a smart move, you don’t always feel the benefits right away. However, green shakes are a different story. Because you’re getting such a concentrated infusion of energizing, stress-busting nutrients and pure protein in such a rapidly absorbed manner, you’re likely to feel an immediate energy boost. This natural lift will often last for hours, unlike the temporary “energy” you get from sugar and caffeine, which can take a major toll on your wellness over time.

Given this information, does it not seem that incorporating this smart power meal─which kids love too, since it tastes like morning ice cream─is a clever move for you and your entire family? Here’s to your (green) health!