Although the majority of Americans are overweight, many of us are valiantly striving to become lean and fit. The problem is, although we may lose weight with one diet or another, many of us soon regain the lost pounds and more. This weight cycling process—often called the yo-yo diet syndrome—is highly counterproductive to permanent fat loss. In desperation, some people look to “miraculous” weight loss products that seem to offer quick results without any supportive scientific validation.

Clearly, there’s no magic bullet to weight loss—other than consuming fewer calories and exercising more. However, you may be glad to know that along with exercise and a diet rich in fresh, whole foods and optimal levels of lean protein—like a delicious morning whey protein shake for 20-40 energy boosting grams—there are some natural weight loss helpers that actually have science on their side:

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a small fruit indigenous to India and parts of Asia. An extract from its interior and rind appears to be a valid weight loss ally. Research has shown a measurable difference in pounds lost favoring this natural compound over a placebo.1,2 Two other studies also showed significant weight reduction—25% in fact—when garcinia cambogia was given along with green tea.3

Green Tea

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Research suggests that green tea may help prevent weight gain through thermogenesis—calories burned to create body heat—and by helping to protect valuable, metabolism-boosting lean muscle mass.4 One study showed that green tea reduced both body weight and body fat,5 while another indicated that green tea catechins help prevent weight gain and even counteract the often frustrating metabolic slow down—or plateau—that occurs during weight loss.6


Guarana is a berry that grows in Venezuela and Brazil. Its main ingredient is guaranine, which is chemically identical to caffeine. As such, it has been linked to weight loss and reduction of the overall risks for developing metabolic syndrome.7 Other research found that guarana combined with tea and kidney beans caused a significant change in body composition with a decrease in body fat.8

Citrus Aurantium

citrus aurantium

Since ephedra—thought to suppress appetite and increase metabolic rate—was banned in the U.S. market due to potentially harmful effects, citrus aurantium has been used as a safe alternative.9 Research suggests that citrus flavanone supplementation may be linked to reduced calorie intake, along with decreasing oxidative stress.10 Additionally, citrus aurantium was reported to promote weight loss in two studies and increase thermogenesis in three studies.11

White Willow Bark

White willow bark has long been used traditionally for pain and fever relief. Salicin—its active component—appears to help lower glucose levels,12 as well as minimize inflammation in overweight individuals. In fact, in one study, circulating levels of C-reactive protein—the primary measure of inflammation—were reduced by a full 34%.13

Bee Pollen

Whole grain bee pollen is a highly nutritious substance collected by honeybees and used traditionally as an energy booster. Along with providing a host of vitamins and minerals, bee pollen appears to have potent anti-inflammatory activity, making it beneficial not only as a dietary supplement but also as a functional food.14


Vanadium is a trace mineral essential to human nutrition. Recently, it has gained attention because it may support healthy blood sugar balance. It has indeed been shown to have blood-glucose lowering effects, making it a helpful tool in both diabetes prevention and treatment.15 Vanadium also improves leptin resistance in type 2 diabetes. Leptin is a protein hormone which plays a major role in appetite control. In fact, the amount of leptin in your body is directly proportional to your level of body fat. By enhancing both insulin and leptin sensitivity, vanadium improves diabetes, obesity and hypertension.16

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Again, while there are no quick fixes where safe, lasting weight loss is concerned, these scientifically validated natural compounds may help you get the edge you need in your efforts to attain the healthy, fit, slender body you yearn for—and certainly deserve.

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