It’s summertime, and the living is easy! And why not? We may still have our work routines, but with longer days and phenomenally beautiful weather, there’s definitely more time for sports, mini-road trips, romance, new adventures, outdoor fun, and more! So, how can you fully maximize it all?

Well, when you look and feel great─with healthy body confidence and energy to spare─you’re far more likely to say yes to the many splendid possibilities summer has to offer. There’s still plenty of time to nurture your wellness and natural beauty with a few clever tactics. For example:

Embrace summer fitness

If there was ever a time to find your groove with fitness, it’s summer! Sleek bodies are on display in shorts, swimwear and halter dresses, so why not yours? It’s not about vanity─fit bodies also feel and function better. Here’s a great tip. Find just one form of exercise to love─yoga, Pilates, nature hikes, tennis, cycling, 5K races, or evening walks with friends and family─and proceed from there. Those in the know will tell you, it’s contagious!

Eat like a champion

Like a hot car gets premium gas, so your gorgeous bod deserves high quality fuel. So nix the junk, sugar, white carbs, sodas and anything with chemicals! You deserve fresh, whole foods, which are the epitome of smart, well informed eating. Try this: start your day with a frosty whey protein shake, plus a scoop of alkalinizing, energizing green superfoods, fill in the remaining meals and snacks with lean protein, fresh produce, beans, nuts, seeds, and totally intact grains, and prepare to be amazed at how fabulous you feel─especially over time.

Hydrate generously

It’s especially important to proactively replenish fluids in summer, when we face a greater risk of chronic dehydration. You’ll be surprised at the difference in your energy levels when you hydrate well on a daily basis, which makes sense, considering how crucial water is to virtually all of your bodily functions. Try water with cucumber slices and fresh mint, iced caffeine-free fruit teas, sparkling water with a citrus squeeze, stevia-sweetened lemonade, or caffeine-free green or black tea. You might also mix decaf black iced tea 50/50 with lemonade for a highly refreshing “Arnold Palmer.”

Supplement smart

It’s a clever move to boost your intake of important vitamins and minerals in this golden, highly active season. You can easily cover your bases with a high-quality multi-nutrient supplement. Women over 40 would be well advised to incorporate additional bone-building minerals and stress-busting B-complex vitamins. Equally important is that daily 1-2 grams of fish oil for crucial omega-3s to benefit brain, body, and mood. Why not optimize your wellness?

Protect your skin

While a golden glow is often admired, numerous studies link habitual tanning to a greater risk of skin cancer, and tanning beds─which the World Health Organization has added to its list of carcinogens─should clearly be avoided. Consistently protecting your face with a high-quality, chemical free sunscreen is key, as sun damage is the #1 cause of premature aging and wrinkles. No worries, natural mineral bronzing powders work wonders! And fall in love with hats, from baseball caps to wide brimmed, Euro-numbers. You’ll be glad you did.

These tips can help you enjoy your healthiest, happiest summer yet. It’s your season, enjoy!